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Ninja Pony by uotapo
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So cute!



So cute!

Dragon Bahamut by GENZOMAN
Greying Black Wolf Anthro Commission by Jarahamee
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I actually made this gif myself. It’s Puppy Tsuzuki from Yami No Matsuei.

Someone requested a re-post, so here it is.


I actually made this gif myself. It’s Puppy Tsuzuki from Yami No Matsuei.

Someone requested a re-post, so here it is.

My absence on Tumblr/Twitter/YouTube etc. has not been intentional. I’ve honestly just been too busy enjoying my baby girl and back to working. I don’t know when I’ll be back to posting more regularly, but that’s what’s been going on in case anyone was wondering.

Theon and Sansa by ~tyusiu
Midgar by *Lowenael
It’s a little bit funny, this feeling inside..

The due date was June 29th. I had a countdown going even though I knew it was just a guide, and she could easily be early or late. As I read about anticipation of this day, it was a common theme that it was not something you could not predict as the baby just comes when she’s good and ready.

Throughout my pregnancy, she would always measure at exactly what was expected for the given week I was on.

I made a comment on my Facebook at some point that at the rate she was going, I almost expected her to be right on time. A friend would remind me most first-time mothers give birth in their 41st week. My father-in-law predicted July 4th. A co-worker predicted by Sunday (June 30th). I searched some more and found a couple of other hints: Menstrual cycles, your own mother, the full moon, etc. By my estimates, my cycles are closer to 26-27 days instead of the 28 used to calculate the due date. My mom has told me that my older brother and I were on time, and my younger brother was early. All put together, I hoped that perhaps all would balance out to my baby being on time since I doubted she would be early (or if she were, not by much).

I made a remark that she wasn’t on a convenience schedule but if she were, she’d be born on Friday (June 28th) since my husband Andrew would be off from work, and at the time, I assumed I would be too since my work place would be moving offices that day. I would have been able to work from home in the morning I found out the day or so before.

Early in the week, I had the feeling it might be the upcoming Thursday or Friday, but I told myself that was more likely to be wishful thinking, especially since my cervix still hadn’t opened at all as of Tuesday, June 25th. I shoved it aside but still hoped she’d at least be born before July 8th or 9th, so I wouldn’t have to be induced, increasing the risk of a C-section.

I read somewhere that in most cases, your water doesn’t break like depicted in the movies, such as while out in public. But that’s how it happened with me. After enjoying a nice meal with my husband at a pizza place, I stood up to go to the car and just like that, I felt it. A friend had just described the feeling to me earlier that very day as it had happened in a similar way with her.

I couldn’t believe it! I went to the restroom right away, called the doctor’s office, and we went home to grab our things, readying for a trip to the hospital. The doctor called back, instructing us to do exactly that.

I had taken a few walks up and down the stairs at a measured pace on that Thursday afternoon, careful not to over-exert myself. Most things I read suggested that would not help, so it could just be a happy coincidence.

My prompt baby girl that had measured exactly as expected throughout my pregnancy arrived one day early at 7:37am on June 28th. It’s been interesting and amazing to see how the date came about. It was a Friday, my favorite day of the week. The time has two 7s in it, my favorite number. I’m so glad her daddy was off from work and with me and able to take me the instant it happened.

My mom would joke that she had a little iPad while inside me, setting up and arranging her little calendar for when it was time.

Well, regardless of the how or why, my baby girl is here, and I am happy.

How wonderful life is now you’re in the world.


Devil Jin by ~Raetastical
Disney University - Megara by *Hyung86