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From the linked article: Tekken 7 is scheduled to launch sometime in 2015.

Really? Well, having gone through the T6 hype train, I’m more likely to believe that when more of the game has been shown or announced, but at least there’s a timetable now.

Also from article, “Harada also shared news about an interesting netplay feature that will allow players to match up even if they aren’t in the arcade, much like if they were playing on a home console.” That should be interesting.

Gravity Falls is good. I like it.

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From this cute daddy/daughter dance to Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off:


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From this cute daddy/daughter dance to Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off:


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In The Ray Rice Situation, Everyone Must Go

I have not had the stomach to watch the video making headlines today, but I have read about the events. Here is a passionate response from Keith Olbermann that includes information I did not know about all parties involved in not doing the right thing to address this important matter of domestic violence.

Police Chief William McManus is proposing to fine all drivers caught in the act of giving food and/or money to panhandlers in San Antonio, Texas. District 3 Councilwoman Rebecca Viagran, who heads the Public Safety Committe, along with Councilman Mike Gallagher like this proposal to criminalize compassionate and charitable acts within our city.

My added comment upong signing noted that I had already emailed my councilman and that I’m quite sure there are better ways of helping those in need than discouraging those generous enough to help those in need.

No charges in road rage shooting in San Antonio

This morning on my check-in with the Mothers Act Facebook page, I came across this article: Road rage incident ends in gunfire,

It’s pretty short and straight-forward so it feels strange to summarize but all the same: road rage, one of the drivers, the one who happens to have 5 teenagers with him/her, shoots at the other. No one was hurt, but there were no charges either. It’s being investigated, but the fact that a driver shot a loaded gun at someone does not appear to be a fact in dispute.

The charges bit is mentioned at the end, but it is the focal point, and rightly so, of the comments in this article. This action was very dangerous and irresponsible of the shooter, this person is still out on the roads, and even though no one was hurt or killed, such things are very real possibilities with a shooting.

This is also very scary because it is quite near where I live, and myself, my husband, and my child were driving in this area, likely minutes before it happened.

Blackfish Review


Milan Boers | CC by 4.0

Yesterday afternoon, I watched the documentary Blackfish on Netflix. Not too long ago, I had read that Sea World was planning on getting bigger tanks, likely due to the bad press this documentary gave them. One of my friends on Facebook voiced her opinion that this was not good enough. She elaborated further, but I don’t really want to dig up the post right now and suffice it to say, she felt these animals were too intelligent to be held captive the way they are.

I live in San Antonio, Texas, a city with a Sea World though we aren’t really mentioned beyond an off-hand remark of “the one in Texas.” I have been to shows though not since I was a kid, and after watching this movie, I’m not sure I could go again.

The primary focus of the movie is a killer whale named Tilikum who, though from the start of the movie seems to have killed a trainer from out of nowhere, has a history leading up to this tragedy that had several warning signs along the way, from being bullied by other female whales to having killed at least two people in the past.

The film includes information beyond that though with regards to incidents with other whales and trainer injuries, another death in Spain for a different sea park. There’s a particularly intense part where a trainer is repeatedly dragged to the bottom of a pool by Kasatka and manages to remain calm until she stops. These animals are quite smart, even friendly in the wild and cooperative in captivity. However, they are also quite dangerous. Sea World is not allowed to capture anymore killer whales, so they are bred in captivity. This is largely why Tilikum, the main one featured in the movie, is so valuable. He is male. However, it also brings into light that a known, repeated, human-killing orca is being bred when some animals would be put down to be such a danger.

The documentary kept my interest the whole way through. I think the information presented is for a good cause, and I hope that one day Sea World and we as a society can do the right thing in giving the currently captive whales better homes and better lives to live out the rest of their days to when we no longer imprison such impressive creatures.



Oh, heavens.

Grin, bear it.


Daily Show correspondent Michael Che tries to find a safe place to report from.

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