Joined Squidoo

So I wrote out this nice paragraph explaining my last post, which is a link to a Squidoo article I wrote only to have it disappear. As I had intended to say, I joined that site since it  seems a better fit for some of my blog posts on Tumblr that are more like articles. I may be cleaning up some older posts of mine with that intention.

Free Learning on iTunes U

Sometime back on reddit, I found a post talking about a site that offered several free online courses. That site is From there, I noticed several links led to iTunes.

So if you’re unaware of this option, as I was, you can go to iTunes and search for free audio/video courses. I haven’t tried it on a mobile device but using it for desktop, you can just search for the subject of interest and then scroll down and find an area called iTunes U. There is a list of offered courses, many of them free.

I’ve looked at a few, such as some short drawing lessons from Oxford University, some longer lectures on feminism, and even some more commercially presented short baby and parenting tips videos.

I often find myself wanting to post and write, knowing I have something I want to say yet not sure what it is, but I will say this much. Education is paramount in improving the world we live in today. There is so much to learn and never enough time but knowing there are some good free resources is excellent. There’s a saying that goes, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Well, I want more people to value learning, sharing, and knowledge being free, so here I am, posting about it.

I Won’t Say I’m in Love by TottieWoodstock

Here is a lovely piece of Megara from the Disney Hercules movie. The title is taken from a song in the movie, where Megara tries to deny her growing feelings for Hercules. It’s actually one of my favorites not only from the movie but from Disney.

I Won’t Say I’m in Love by TottieWoodstock

Here is a lovely piece of Megara from the Disney Hercules movie. The title is taken from a song in the movie, where Megara tries to deny her growing feelings for Hercules. It’s actually one of my favorites not only from the movie but from Disney.

Ronnie almost 13 months

Tekken 7 Extended Trailer, Info, and My Commentary

Today, Namco presented Tekken 7 at San Diego Comic Con. They showed an extended trailer from the one seen earlier at Evo and provided information on what’s to come.

Most of the info I read here on Siliconera: Tekken 7 Will Answer Questions Like Why Heihachi Had To Kill His Wife

My general reaction to this info is pessimism, namely numerous guest character designs, a character I despise, and (supposed) story focus. Numerous guest character designs were done for something like Soul Calibur 4, and they were a detriment to that game, not a value. While expected, that lame piece of shit whose name starts with an “L” as in loser and rhymes with “arse,” as in he is an annoying one, will be back. In fact, more detailed story is something I would have very much liked before Tekken 6 showed that efforts such as that lead to failures like Scenario Campaign that manage to crap all over a regular story mode in the process.

But alas, they’ve probably got me, among the questions this game will answer (so we’re told): Who is Devil Jin?

Anyway, here is the Japanese-voiced trailer and my commentary on it:

This trailer is mostly focused on the Mishima storyline having Kazumi (Kazuya’s mother) tell some unseen and unamed person that she must stop Heihachi because of all these awful things that may happen. The silhouette resembles someone in a karate gi like Heihachi or Kazuya but since she speaks of them to this person, I shall assume he is neither and am assuming he is male, for now. My guess would be Jinpachi then but perhaps he is not large enough.

Now in the wake of all these horrible things Heihachi will cause we see things he did NOT cause: Miguel and his sister (Jin), Leo at her mother’s grave (Kazuya). I think I even caught a glimpse of Paul. The implication does not match what we see, which is either a lack of logic or intentional (see, these things would have happened anyway). To add further confusion, the trailer ends with “I love Heihachi and Heihachi loves me,” showing Heihachi shed a tear after we’ve listened to this woman ramble about her need to kill him. Did I mention she said Kazuya has her powers? I probably should.

However, my main issue is that the long shots and long drawn out pauses between the voice-over leaves me less interested, not more. Who is the figure she speaks to? What powers?

Having done this waiting dance once before, these are questions that will NOT be answered anytime soon. There is no gameplay footage, no info on non-Mishima characters, and no timeline. These are all red flags that we are in for yet another long wait. The only reason the wait might not be long is this game is developed for Unreal Engine 4, which serves many platforms.

Also, the voice-acting in the English trailer was notably weak when Kazuya says something like, “This ends here.” I wasn’t too pleased with the trailer being in English, but Namco has rectified that with providing a Japanese version. I’m not saying Tekken 7 will suck or that Namco hasn’t learned their lesson, but I will remain skeptical before hopeful.



She’s All That Review

Zack Siler is the popular guy with the popular girl, Taylor Vaughn. Things take a turn for the worse when Zack is dumped by Taylor and talked into a bet with his friend Dean, to try and take any girl at the school and get her to be prom queen instead. The girl chosen is Laney Boggs, a girl interested in art and a few other people in her life but considered “scary” and “inaccessible” by Zack. All the same, the bet is made.

The usual formula follows suit. Zack edges in, Laney hesitates, the two start to fall for each other, with Zack developing real feelings and lamenting the bet.

I’ve seen these types of movies before and generally don’t mind them. I guess even this one I didn’t “mind,” but I like most other teen movies I’ve seen more.

A common thread you’ll find in movies like this is the one getting the makeover (not always a girl) is convinced to ditch their glasses and wear contacts instead. I never fully understood why and still don’t. Well, this movie adds tweezing eyebrows to the list. Bleh. One could make a case for how the movies put too much emphasis on the outer appearance while we as the audience at the same time are asked to appreciate the inner beauty of said person. Despite that, I can name some movies I’ve watched and enjoyed with such a trait.

However, this movie did feel…disjointed. For instance, when the bet is made, no terms are actually made but at the end, you find out what they are. The reason Laney gets popular isn’t because of any endearing traits of hers so much as she’s not the snobby Taylor. Certain scenes seemed to be missing a link or lead into why they turned out the way they did, and the chemistry and connection between Zack and Laney feels like had a beginning and an end but not a middle, that was saved for Laney dressing up pretty and them going to a party where they were largely not in each other’s presence.

A minor thing I liked was that Laney wears a Loteria shirt:


Screenshot taken from Netflix.

Tekken 7 Announced

Tekken 7 announced:

No trailer, just a logo and bare bones info (will be on Unreal Engine 4).

Maleficent by jaeon009

The Smoky Mo’s at Stone Oak Parkway and Evans is now open. Here are two pictures I took during my visit there Sunday.

I could not find a good picture of just the playground for Stone Oak Park so went there myself to see it since it is nearby.

I could not find a good picture of just the playground for Stone Oak Park so went there myself to see it since it is nearby.

Net Neutrality

Thank you to my friends who have posted about this issue. Maybe I didn’t say or do anything when you posted it, but I took note and tonight, I finally set aside some time to make some phone calls and read up on what I can do. Reddit has provided two handy links for calling the FCC and Congress and those links led me to a page titled “Net Neutrality: So … Now What?,” which is exactly what I had been looking for.

And so comes the next step. Spreading the word. All of these pages are on

Here is the page with the FCC numbers:

Here is the page to look up Congress numbers:

Here is the “Now What?” page: